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Single Stroke Tablet Compressing Machine

Manufacturers of Tablet Compressing Machine, Tablet Dies & Punches, Engravers & Spares.

Description : Tablet Compressing Machine single stroke, light duty & heavy duty. The machine will be provided with electric motor,starter,oilcan, bridge, funnel, feeder, screwdriver,spanner for pressure adjustment & Allen key etc.




Tablet Compressing Machine
Tablet Compressing Machine Tablets

Single Stroke Tablet Press

Specifications Light Duty Heavy Duty
Stroke per minute 45 40
Max. Dia. of Tablet 25 mm 50 mm
Depth of fills 19 mm 25 mm
Pressure 12 Tons 21 Tons
Power Required 1.5 HP, 2 HP 2 HP, 3 HP
Capacity 50 mg to 4 gm   1 to 20 gm
Net Weight 225 kgs. 500 kgs.
Dimention 840 x 840 x 1200 mm 840 x 840 x 1500 mm

Weight Adjustment

For adjustment of weight, just loosen the two clamp bolts fitted to the plunger. After adjustment, the clamp bolts should be tightened again.
1.   Cam
Weight Adjustment
2.   Pressure adjusting lock nut.
3.   Pressure adjusting bolt.
4.   Upper punch holder locking allencap screw bolt.
5.   Die plate.
6.   Lower punch holder.
7.   Lower punch level adjusting nut.
8.   Locking nut for punch level.
9.   Lower punch holder lock bolt.
10. Weight adjusting stud.
11. Locking bolts for weight adjustment.

Spare Parts

Power Feeder
Die Plate
Powder Feeder (Hopper)
Die Plate
Lower Lifting Strip
Lower Socket Holder
      Lower Lifting Strip
Lower Socket Holder
Die Sets
Die Sets
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